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HARDWOOD FLOORING  Installation SPECIALIST OF THIRTY YEARS Professional EXPERIENCE in All Applications of Wood Floor Installation, Sanding, Finishing, Game courts & Gymnasiums.



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Installing or the installation or laying of  hardwood floors is basically divided into four categories:

Floating: the hardwood or laminate or engineered flooring is only fastened to itself either with yellow or UVL glue or click lock mechanism

Nailed down: the hardwood floor is physically nailed down with top nailed strip the flooring is nailed through the face.

With Tongue and grove flooring blind nails a placed through the tongue the  minimum standard for 3/4'' thick flooring is a 15 gauge nail  or staple either Senco™ or Bostitch™

I don't believe in the use of power nails  the reason is simple they don't hold well and that is there entire purpose is to allow floors to move around with expansion and contraction due to changes temperature and humidity levels this type of nail is less expensive because it weighs less than the staples so you get less metal with your floor install

Glued down and double glued down: Bostiks Best is still the best glue overall for this application you can glue down a layer of plywood, Dura-son, or cork over a radiant heated floor first and then glue down your hardwood floor over top this will allow for a stable application.

In general hardwood floors for glue down are a maximum of 1/2'' thick although the 7/16'' Accra™ premium product are the best in solid flooring and Owens 1/2'' thick engineered flooring is fantastic for being hassle free hardwood flooring and specialty hardwood flooring for glue down over radiant heated subfloors.

Sports flooring / sprung floors: are pertaining to the sub floor which is either free floating sleepers (screeds)with rubber composite pads (old standard )or two layers of half inch plywood with a patented rubber composite button or conical cone the later of which meets the DIN requirement. generally maple second grade is much better than Beach flooring.

The MFMA maple sports flooring in 25/32nds is much better than the standard 3/4 non MFMA eastern hard rock maple hardwood flooring for installtion.



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All Hardwood Species  as installed  sanded and finished on site floors that make sense as a warrantable product.  Hardwood species typical are :  Yew, American Black Walnut, American Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak, Beech, Ash, Cypress, Teak, Hickory, Wenge,  Maceranduba, Paraju, Brazilian Cherry(jatoba), Indonesian Cherry(Merbau),Purple heart ,Fir,  Alder, Pacific Maple, Eastern Hard rock Maple, Silver Maple, Birch, Bamboo, Rosewood, Elm, Larch, Jarrah, Santos mahogany, Cork Serving the lower mainland north and west Vancouver BC Canada